Doing A Bathroom Remodel

There is always going to be something in our homes that needs to be updated, changed or modified.  In many homes, the first thing that needs this treatment is going to be the bathroom.  The bathroom is usually the first because dirt, grime and mold start to grow making it look really bad. 


The bathtub is going to be the first thing that we will typically change.  When considering a shower replacement in salt lake city, ut you want to really decide on the size, features and other important factors of the tub.  Since this is going to be our main item used, besides the toilet of course, we want to really decide on what we want and how we want it.


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The toilet will be the next item to change.  With the toilet the only real reason to get rid of it is if it is starting to leak or if it just doesn’t work with the color scheme of the room.  In most cases, the toilet will be white, where in others it might be a slightly different color or tone.  If you want to update the room with a different design, see what is currently in style and see if it fits into your design.


The vanity is going to be a major decision.  If the bathroom is used by one person then a single vanity might work.  In other situations where we have a his and hers bathroom, a double vanity might be more appropriate. 

With the vanity you will want to have a large mirror, different lighting and space for his and hers personal items.  Since the vanity could become a major component, really work that into your initial design and sketches.

Redoing the bathroom will be a major undertaking.  Ensure that you really plan out your ideas and set a budget so that everything you want to have incorporated will be.