All Your Questions about Denture Repair Answered

Do you urgently need denture repair? It is common to search for the solutions of it. However, many people do not understand the cause or reason why they’d need a denture repair.

There are many instances where you have to rush to the clinic for a denture repair. To clear all your doubts, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about denture repairs. Many people search for “how to repair dentures in Houston” because they are not well aware of the procedure. Take a look!

Can The Dentist Fix All Denture Problems?

In most situations, the dentist can fix the problem in your dentures. However, it may not be easy and even possible to fix all denture problems. For example, the dentist can improve the minor cracks or fit issues in your denture.

However, if there are significant cracks on the dentures, it may require more aggressive repair. When the dentures are warped, broken, they need replacement and not repair.

Can I Fix Small Denture Problems On My Own?

Most of the denture wearers are tempted to fix the small denture issues all by themselves. However, professionals suggest otherwise. The DIY repair methods can end up costing more. Rather than improving the situation, self-repair methods can worsen the denture.

Can Dentures Last A Lifetime With Proper Care?

The answer is no. Even with intensive care and maintenance routine, you’ll need a new set of dentures after every 5 to 10 years. Even if not replacement, your denture will need sine realignment to offer a better fit.

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However, good care and maintenance routine can surely prolong the life of your dentures. The dentist will notify you when it’s time for a replacement.

With these questions answered, we hope that you now have a fair idea about denture repairs. If you have any other situation-related queries, it’s best to address them to your dentist.